Water Closet Sense Flush Valve-Concealed Box


• Automatic infra-red sensor activation water closet flush valve
• Heavy duty S/S grade 304 cover plate with satin finish
• Automatic sensor adjustment on installation
• Piston valve with build-in stainless steel strainer for screening out the debris and self-cleaning solenoid
• Electrical sensor is isolated and sealed in waterproof compartment
• Dual flush manual override button incorporated
• Circular LED indicator changes colour to reflect different stages
• Complete with 1-1/4” vacuum breaker set


Product Specification

  • Dimension

    180 (L) x 180 (H) mm

  • Material

    Brass casting flush valve with stainless steel satin finish panel

  • Power Supply

    230VAC 50Hz

  • Water Supply

    BSPT G 1”

  • Detection Time

    7 seconds minimum

  • Detection Range

    Self-adjusting to environment

  • Operating Temperature


  • Supply Pressure

    135 kPa (flowing) – 860 kPa (minimum flow rate of 90 litre/minute)

  • Trap Seal Protection

    Automatically flush once every (24) hours of non-use (optional)

  • Discharge Volume

    4.5L/3.0L per flush