Smart Sanitary Solutions
At Rigel, we see water as data, and data as water.

Each drop and flow of water is precisely calculated and calibrated, adding to a growing base of intelligent data. Every time you use water, you contribute to the evolution of the entire ecosystem. By creating an interconnected environment that caters to individual needs, preferences, and experiences, we can revolutionize how we use water.

Welcome to AdvanceLiving.

Our Milestones
Our Values

Smart Technologies

At Rigel, we are committed to enhancing your quality of life by providing the most innovative washroom sanitary technology available. Our belief is that smarter technology leads to a better future.


Creating sustainable products through green processes in order to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle.


To live is to consume, but we can do it responsibly. We believe in practicing green habits and playing our part in protecting the planet.

Monitoring & Tracking

Energy is data. Through our proprietary sensors, we aim to deliver the utmost in data transparency, improving your life through information.

Industry Accolades

At Rigel, we are always on a quest to scale greater heights, and it is particularly rewarding when our product innovation, business development strategies and other competitive advantages are affirmed by industry movers and shakers.


Rigel is a world leader in sustainable innovation and manufacturing from our processes to water saving, with certificates to demonstrate our qualifications.