Water Closet Sense Flush Valve-Duct Type


Internet-of-Toilet (IoT) Features

• Fault detection with automated alert
• Self-diagnosis with recommended solutions
• Water consumption tracking
• Product activity monitoring to facilitate preventive maintenance services
• Monthly to yearly graphs and reports accessible via Rigel IoT dashboard

Product Features

• Accurate Sense+ 3.0 laser technology
• Touch-free flushing activation for optimum personal hygiene
• Color LED indication for different flushing stages
• Water saving dual flush operation
• Manual overriding button in case of power outage
• Anti-corrosion S/S grade 304 cover panel
• Easy installation and maintenance


Product Specification

  • Material

    Brass Flush Valve with Stainless Steel Hairline Finish Panel

  • Dimension

    144 (L) x 144 (H) mm

  • Type

    Duct Type

  • Discharge volume

    Nominal 3.5 Litres/ flush (full) <3.0 Litres/ flush (reduced)