Water Closet Stainless Steel Manual Flush Valve


• Heavy duty S/S grade 304 cover plate with satin finish
• Piston valve with built-in stainless steel strainer to screen out debris and self-cleaning solenoid
• Dual flush manual override button incorporated
• Complete with 1-1/4” vacuum breaker set


Product Specification

  • Type

    Concealed Box

  • Dimension (Front Panel)

    180(L) x 180(H)mm

  • Material (Front Panel)

    SUS304 Stainless Steel

  • Finishing (front panel)

    Satin Finishing

  • Inlet pipe size


  • Outlet pipe size

    Diameter 32mm

  • Operating (dynamic) water pressure

    0.08 MPa

  • Discharge volume

    Nominal 4.5l/flush (full)

    3.0l/flush (reduced)