Water Closet Stainless Steel Manual Flush Valve – Concealed Box


• Anti-corrosion & anti-rust S/S grade 304 cover panel
• Single flush operation
• Enlargement manual overriding button for easy press, in case of power outage
• Piston valve with build-in stainless steel strainer for screening out the debris and self-cleaning solenoid


Product Specification

  • Type

    Concealed Box , front accessible maintenance service

  • Dimension

    204(L) x 204(H)mm

  • Panel wall opening

    189 x 189mm

  • Material (front panel)

    Stainless steel 304 panel, plastic frame

  • Material (button)

    Brass, chrome finished

  • Material (flush valve)

    Brass casting

  • Operating water pressure

    1.5 -3 bars (dynamic)

  • Discharge volume (default)

    Nominal 3.5L/flush